The Moon Is The Next Stop (A Teaser)

A new boom in the space industry driven by Elon Musk's, Jeff Bezos', and NASA's chase to seize the moon has created perfect conditions for sprouting space tech startups. In turn, the growing competition drives invention, allowing for faster acquisition of the needed tech to manifest the interplanetary existence of humankind and for small-scale startups, those spearheaded by Millennials and Gen-Z in particular, to have significant contributions. 

The reason to look to that demographic, including current college students, is glaring: they are the ones who have the most skin in the game, being the generation that will inevitably feel the effects of the environmental changes, whose gears by the way, have already started turning.

Artemis Student Challenge: NASA Selects University Teams to Build Technologies for the Moon’s Darkest Areas
Artemis Student Challenge: NASA Selects University Teams to Build Technologies for the Moon’s Darkest Areas learn more here.

Ararat Robotics and many others are at the center of this simmering pot aiming to take full advantage of the newly increased demand for lunar resources and serve as a new forefront of human advancement in space technology. Currently in the works is a strategy to utilize college talent and establish a grassroots effort to promote space tech and invention. Additionally, the team is committed to growing the hidden talent of the Armenian population and other underrepresented communities in the space tech industry by aiding the AESA in establishing a national space agency in Armenia. The effort is only a single milestone of the many in Ararat Robotics' path. 

The white paper aims to establish why the moon is the perfect next step for humankind and why we are best positioned to take it on. We discuss which lunar resources are worth the chase, drawing upon findings from previous missions to the moon and our Earth-Moon economics simulation results, and how Ararat Robotics can extract them. The white paper should serve as an entry door to the world of innovation at Ararat Robotics and anyone willing to invest their money, time, effort, and professional experience. We welcome your curiosity for those already eager to see what the team has in store; you could become part of the journey by joining the team as a student or professional. Learn more about how and why you should join the effort here.

Georgiy Aleksanyan

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